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Weighter for products that have to be mixed after weighting such as fruit salad or frozen mix Multiproduct weighter Fresh Produce Mix Mode
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Multiproduct weighter Fresh Produce Mix Mode

Weighter for products that have to be mixed after weighting such as fruit salad or frozen mix

Operating principle
GFT's fresh food weigher, presented at Fruitlogistica Berlin 2013 is a innovative system to weight fresh and sticky products and to weight ingredients that have to be mixed with precise percentuages. The weighter is able to automate the weighting process that before was possible only manually. The equipment reduce up to 5 time the labour cost, increasing speed , accuracy and hygene. Especially designed for the fruits and vegetable, seafood, dairy and frozen food industry. MIXED MODE This machinery allow to manage different ingredients and mix them directly in the final packaging.
It's particularly indicated in case of Fresh and Sticky products such as Fruit salad , Seafoods, Frozen Food. Each ingredient is loaded in a separate hopper. Each hopper feeds 2 conveyors that delicately move the ingredient toward 2 different weighing system. There are 10 weighing station in total. The special Cross Flights design of the conveyor allow to move one piece by one and have not damages for the product during transport , preserving the shelf life of the ingredients. Once the target weigh is reached the ingredients will be unloaded directly in the packaging (glass, cup, bucket, punnet).
The packagings are filled with the exact product percentage for each ingredient.
Capacity: up to 15 mixed ingredients beats per minute.
ONE INGREDIENT MODE In case of one single ingredient product the weighing system increase the capacity up to 40-60 beats per minute. Options: Automatic Loading / Adaptor for multi-packaging
> Labour cost reduction
> High Hygene standards
> Easy to clean
> Versatile
Product specification
The weighter is suitable for weighting fresh cut produce, fresh fruit, dryed fruits, frozen products, dairy products
The capacity of the weighter is entirely dependent on the type of product, the weight of the packaging and on the numbers og ingredients. Is possible to reach up to 600 pieces per minute
Accessory: Automatic Loader